About Emergency Physicians Associates

Our Model of Democratic Emergency Medicine

In today's corporate healthcare landscape, Emergency Physicians Associates (EPA) stands as a beacon of independence and self-governance. Unlike many others, we are not overseen by a detached corporate office. Instead, we believe that lasting career satisfaction is best achieved through democratic Emergency Medicine — a partnership within an independent, self-managed group.

At EPA, our collective passion is centered on delivering the highest quality Emergency Medical care. We place immense value on building trust and fostering open communication, not only among our colleagues but also with our hospital partners. Together, we work towards the common goal of providing exceptional care to our communities.


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Our Story: Four Decades of Excellence

Founded in 1983 at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, EPA has grown into a formidable regional presence. Annually, we serve hundreds of thousands of patients through our four Emergency Departments. In an age dominated by corporate healthcare, EPA remains distinctive by championing self-governance and independence.

Our success is firmly rooted in our ability to attract Emergency Physicians who seek partnership within an independent, self-managed group. We offer our physicians autonomy, competitive compensation, and flexible schedules tailored to their lifestyles. Equally important, our hospital partners deeply appreciate our unwavering dedication, personalized service, engaged local leadership, and operational efficiency.

Our Principles

EPA's founding principles revolve around independence, trust, and dedication. We prioritize self-governance and firmly believe in cultivating trust and fostering effective communication among our medical staff and partners. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver the highest quality Emergency Medical care to our communities.

1. Independence

2. Trust

3. Dedication

Join the EPA Team

EPA welcomes passionate and dedicated Emergency Physicians to join our exceptional team. If you're seeking a professional environment that values autonomy, competitive compensation, and flexibility to suit your lifestyle, EPA is the perfect fit.

Discover the rewarding opportunities that await you at EPA and be part of a team dedicated to excellence in Emergency Medicine. Your future begins here.